Demystifying the Mainstream

This project aims to demystify the abuse of workers in the Middle East and to be specific female workers. The focus is on one aspect of this problem which is that they do not receive enough rest.

Many female workers do not get enough time to sleep and usually work overtime in the Middle East. They are not paid enough even with all the extra work. There are many products that we usually buy that relate to resting and relaxing like pillows, pajamas, duvet covers and the products women buy like masks or beauty sets.

We buy these products and they always have a tag with a description on it. Designing a tag that relates to the topic of female workers and how they do not get enough rest is the form that will be taken in this project. It is a tag that is attached to these products and it will be two sided. A side which says something like “feels soft right?” “must feel good to sleep” and when you flip to the other side you will see a silhouette of a female worker. Next to the silhouette will be a message that would say “she deserves to rest too” “don’t forget that they need this time just like you do”. A twitter hashtag will be included to raise awareness on social media at the bottom of that side. The hashtag is #SHENEEDS.

The tag design idea is versatile. It can be attached to any product that is related to resting or relaxing. It addresses many people and it can be in public places like supermarket tags, billboards and huge screens in malls. In addition, they can also turned into stickers as well that are placed in products in the supermarket like the fridges, drinks and food. The idea of the silhouette and making it heavily based on type is intentional. It is a simple and minimal design just as simple as allowing the female worker to get enough time to rest.

Tags in a frame placed in areas that sell pillows and bed sheets:

Tags that are attached to pillows,slippers or any other product that is related to relaxing or resting:


Stickers that are can be placed on products in supermarkets:


To further raise awareness of this issue in the Middl East, the design can be placed on screens and huge tags found in shops:




Final A1.
Fixing spaces between words.
Changed the colour of the sentence.

I worked more on fixing the spaces between the text as much as possible. I changed the colour of my sentence,fixed the leading and reduced the size of it by two points. I also changed the placement of the logo to align with the dot of the i in my word.

I liked working on this final project. It was required to use all of our skills that we learned in our sentence and paragraph projects. It was challenging trying to place everything in one final poster.

Week 14

I came back to our next class with those two A2 tiled. I learned how to text wrap by placing a shape and then applying it to the shape. Whenever I move the text near it or around it it would wrap in a nice way.

We had a critique where we were split into 5 and we would go through each one. I recieved comments about how I can still use text wrap but around the shadow of the lid and bottle not just the lid. Also, The sentence should be way bigger and not be the same size as the paragraph. My logo was way too small and should be around 20-25mm. It was suggested that I could also change the colour of the sentence maybe make it green or a shade darker than the red.

For next class we had to come in with an A1 poster tiled. I fixed the text wrap and made it go all around the shadow. I also made it justified but I was facing difficulties trying to adjust the spaces between each word. I made my logo larger and the sentence large and green.

We were then split into groups again and we had to write comments on other peoples poster that aren’t in our group. I found that helpful because I got feedback from different groups and made a decision on what I would want to change or keep the same.

Many suggested I change the green colour of the sentence to dark red or brown. Also, increase the leading since some Arabic letters are so close to touching the ones above them. the comments I received about the logo were about the placement only. It seemed a bit random to some people.

We must submit our final A1 by next class.



Today was the day where we got to see how successful our game is. We were really happy with the final result and how everything was almost what we imagined. Of course the first idea of the 200 pipes didn’t work out and the second idea is the one that worked out.

Those are photos of our final game with the final touches. There are also photos of our class playing.  


This project was a really nice experience for me. It isn’t the first time that I work with a group and I am glad we got to pick our group members. We all understood each other and wouldn’t hesitate to talk whenever something is working out or not. All of my group members had their own opinions and suggestions throughout this project. I really liked listening to the ideas and the way other people think. I got to know that it is not easy and can be challenging for all of us to agree on one thing. However, we would always try to prove each other wrong or right. I believe we all worked hard and shared the work we had to do. The first couple of weeks of us planning, changing ideas and buying materials we did together and there was not much individual work. We made sure to sit together all the time and discuss everything that we are planning to do.

This project taught me a lot about myself too. It made me realise that it takes some time for me to understand certain things like measurements. I was completely lost when it came to the ranks dimensions and I am happy we split the work. I was very confident working with the digital stuff with Star. Aya and Al Jazzi seemed to know more about the rank and the way to build it than me. I worked with Star on the labels that went in the jar, the sentences, the title of our game, the labels and the instruction card. I enjoyed making them and did not have any problems. I also helped with blowing the balloons and learned how to tie a balloon which is very surprising. I always learn more about time management after each project and how it is very important. If we didn’t split the work we wouldn’t have achieved our plan. Thanks to Al Jazzi and Aya for suggesting that.

The morning that we had to present our projects, Star, Aya and I arrived early and blew some more balloons. Star was kind enough to blow some with her dad at home and bring them in. We stuck some labels on the messengers path and labels in the corners inside of the rank for the hunters. Al Jazzi was incharge of bringing in the helium balloons that we had in each corner of our rank as well as the two big red balloons that we tied our umbrellas (prize) with. Aya came in as well to fix the music and the scene that we played on the screen. She also helped blow extra balloons with Star and I.

The game went well in my opinion. I must admit there were a few people that found it difficult to understand certain steps in the instruction card. However, the game went as planned and there was music and a lot of popping. I was really pleased with the way they worked together and how our goal was to show teamwork. It was nice seeing people in our class that barely talk to each other interact and help each other to win. In the end, we got some feedback that the balloons being popped during the game reminds them of the scene where the kids are trying to pop the boys balloon. Also, how the rank filled with coloured balloons reminds them of the scene where the boy flies with all the coloured balloons.


Week 14

We came back during this week and went back to the shop owner to get the rest of the pipes. Unfortunately he wasn’t willing to give us 1 meter pipes and then take them back when we’re done with the project. The only solution was to buy them and that was way off our budget. We told him we won’t take them and started to think of another plan. Our maze idea will not work out. It will be over our budget if we buy the pipes and it will be a waste since we needed around 200. Also, before going to the shop owner, we had a meeting and it was mentioned that everyone in class should participate. We didn’t consider everyone in our class which was another mistake.

After leaving the shop, our group sat down together to brainstorm ideas for a new game. We thought we could still incorporate the strings in a way, balloons and the pipes. We wanted to make a rank made of 1 meter pipes. Each side will be 3 meters. It will be covered with black cloth and inside will be the strings that they have to go through to find balloons. We will split our class into 4 groups. Once they come in the atrium, each will take a paper from a jar and the paper will tell them to go to a table with the green vinyl or blue vinyl or orange vinyl or yellow vinyl. There will be 5 members in a group. We still did not think of the roles of each member.


We had another meeting during the week. Half of our rank was set up and we had to go back to the shop to get some more 1 meter pipes for the other half. We discussed our new idea and then we had to think of many other things. We were just thinking of how we will build our game. We weren’t thinking of the instructions and what will the winner get? How long will it take? What are the roles of each member? How will they know where to stand? Will we have coloured balloons in each corner of the rank for the player to know where to stand? Where is the entrance? So many questions and things to consider. So far there was no individual work in our group. We were doing everything together like brainstorming ideas. If anyone had additional things to add we would discuss it in our WhatsApp group or whenever we meet again.

We went on a trip together to get the rest of the pipes. Also, black cloth from the materials shop and balloons from the grocery shop. Al Jazzi suggested that at this point we should split the work. Al Jazzi and Aya would set up the rank, stick the cloth all around and have the strings inside ready. Star and I were working digitally. We had to worry about the instructions, the banner with the name of our game, the papers that tell each player what team they are in when they come in the atrium. In addition, the sentences that are going to be about teamwork. The sentences are the ones they will have to contrast in the game. We were all thinking of the music we would have throughout the game and the prize in the end.

Star and I created those tiny cards that will go in a jar. Each player will take one when they walk in the atrium.

We also designed the instructions card. We thought of an idea at first of having a stencil of the boy. We didn’t want the stencil to be printed. We wanted to spray directly on the instruction card and then also have a stencil of the balloon behind the walking boy. Star suggested we use some thick paper when we print our instructions. We then both decided to have this thick paper for the instruction card as well as the tiny cards above. We did not go for the stencil idea but we designed something else that was very similar.

We are going to pick one from the two instruction cards below:


Tried printing on the thick paper:

We did not show the instructions to Aya and Al Jazzi because we wanted them to read it when it was printed out. We printed one copy as shown above so we can choose between the two. We all liked the stencil on the left. Also, after they read the instructions, it was mentioned that step two and step four were a bit difficult to understand. Star and I went back to the file and tried changing it up. Also, we will be adding a box on the top right explaining the roles of each player.

We then moved on to the poster or banner we will put up with the name of our game. We were searching for a bubbly typeface and it was difficult to find one.

A typeface similar to this: 

We eventually both found two typefaces. We decided that each one of us will try out a typeface and then we’ll pick the one that looks better.

First typeface that I tried:


Second typeface that Star tried:

We decided to pick the typeface Star found.

Those are the final instructions, finals cards we’ll have in the jar and the sentences that each team must construct. 

Our last couple of days we were trying to get as much done as possible. We decided that we would not have the string in the rank and instead just have so many balloons. Each team will take their coloured balloons only. The 2 hunters will be inside the rank, the messenger will have a path outside the rank and the 2 constructors will be by the table away from the rank. The hunters have to collect a max of 2 balloons at a time and pass it to the messenger who will then pass it on to the constructors. The  constructors will pop the balloons and try to construct a sentence with each word they find in the balloon. To make it more challenging some balloons will have empty papers and other balloons will have the words. Also, some balloons will have nothing inside. Our games goal is to try to have teamwork. There was no sharing and no teamwork in the movie especially when all the children were chasing the red balloon. They didn’t want to share or work together. There will be french music in the background and the first team that is done will run to the stage and collect the prize. The prizes are umbrellas. The reason for that is in a scene in the movie the boy was trying to hide his balloon under umbrellas. We wanted our prize to link to the movie as well.

Al Jazi and Aya finished the rank with the cloth all around it. We wanted to move it from the orange hall to the atrium. We faced some difficulties doing that because we didn’t measure the wall we were going to pass the rank through.  Our rank was way too high.

We made a decision to deconstruct parts of the rank. We took out four pipes and successfully got it through to the atrium. It didn’t take time to reassemble it which was very relieving. We then started filling the rank with balloons. We set up our tables which were in each corner of the rank. We got table cloth with the colours we were using for the teams and balloons which are blue,yellow,orange and green. Also, had the paths set for the messengers so they can know where to stand and to not go beyond that path. The path also depends on the team color and it has a label that says messengers path. Each table had their instruction card, a paper,a pen and two tiny balloons for the hunters to wrap around their wrist. We printed the name of the game and Aya and Star cut the letters up. We stuck them on the black cloth on each side of the entrance. The entrance has red vinyl.

Week 13

We were introduced to the final project which was basically placing one of our 50/50 in project 1,our sentence and our paragraph on the photograph from the word project. We were asked to come to our next class during this week with 3 sketches. It is important to think of grids to help us decide on the placement of each.

3 sketches:

After the meeting in which we showed our 3 sketches I realised my mistakes. We were asked to start using grid systems and I completely forgot that. I just placed my logo,sentence and paragraph in random places that I thought were interesting. I did not have any intention or purpose which was wrong.  I mostly worked with the size but other than that I don’t feel like my composition is effective in any way.

So during the meeting we learned how to divide our page and use grids to help us with the placement around our word. We had the choice to change the text colour, the size which was tricky since we were told that we will be working with an A2 and A1 for our final. Also, if the area that we want to place the text has a background that does not have a solid colour or an area that is empty then we should think of layering for example adding a square under our text to make it stand out.

Using grids:


Week 13

We came back to class with our final idea. We had many difficulties figuring out a way in which we could allow everyone in class to participate in the installation at the same time. We wanted it to be interactive and fun but still have a meaning that relates to the movie The Red Balloon. These are sketches of how we were thinking our installation could be:

We also watched a video of a game that is similar to what we have in mind :

In the end we decided on a H shape where we can split our class members in groups of 4. We will have four entrances and it will be a race for each group to get to the opposite side. So if you are standing on the bottom left entrance as shown in this final sketch below, you will have to go through the maze and reach the other side which will be the top right entrance.

After finalising our idea we started our search for materials. We wanted to build the structure of our installation with pipes. Star suggested a shop that we can go to and of course we had to keep in mind that we are only allowed to spend 500 Qatari rials on this project. We all went to the shop for the first time and looked at the materials we needed.

We sat down with the shop owner and discussed our project with him. He was very helpful and suggested the connectors we should use and type of pipe. I was finding it difficult during this discussion to keep up with the calculations my group members were talking about with the man. I am not really good with measurements but I asked my the group to go over it several times for me to understand. I appreciate the patience they had as I asked the same questions over and over again.

We came to an agreement that he would lend us the pipes and all the connectors we need. He was very understanding and told us that we don’t have to pay now and just make sure to bring them back  when we are done with this project.

Al Jazi talking about the measurements with the shop owner and how many pipes we need for our prototype:

The connectors and plastic we needed for the maze:

Showing us how to use the connectors:

We tried constructing it the next day. It wasn’t stable and each piece kept coming off because the pipe was too long.

We then went back to the measurements and decided to use shorter pipes.

We reserved the orange hall for us to work in and build our game. A day before the project is due, we will move everything to the atrium which we booked as well.


I decided to use a grid to help me with the placement of my paragraph for my final 2. I fixed the indent and the space of it by setting it to be the same width of the letter m. I tried to emphasise two words by using bold in my A3 final and enlarging the two words in my A4 final.

My final 2:


During this project, I learned that type can be very challaneging. We had to think of many things while working with our paragraph. For example, we had to decide whether we wanted to break our paragraphs or keep it as one but still keep it interesting. We had to make sure we avoid blocks of texts, centred text and caps. If we wanted to use any of the things that we were asked to avoid there must be a reason. We had to think a lot about intent. I started to also notice the differences in each typeface like the darkness and lightness of each as well as the font size. The things we change like leading and character length can all affect the reader.  I learned that the rule of thirds is helpful as well as grids when deciding on where to place text.

Week 12

At the start of this week, each group had a meeting to discuss 3 ideas for this project. My group and I researched a bit and looked at installations together. Those are the ones that we found interesting and I think it’s because they’re interactive.

Below are the ideas and notes that we wrote down together when we met up during the week. We all contributed in coming up with these ideas and each one of has had their own opinion. Aya was definitely the one that was thinking out loud and that helped us a lot. She would say something and then the rest of us would try to make it work in a way. We kept going back to the notes that I wrote down while watching the movie and the movie. Star and jazi mentioned that we should also think of light and music in our installation and I agree with that.

We had our meeting and discussed two of our best ideas. The first was taking a scene from the movie where the boy tries to hide his balloon when it’s raining under umbrellas. We thought of having umbrellas hanging and maybe have balloons involved. It wasn’t very clear. We had to go back to that idea and think about it even more. Our second idea is the one that we were all excited about which is a box or a path in which you go in and there will be strings or elastic attached. It would be like a game where you have to get through the elastics. The idea is to have the elastics in black and white and then gradually become less and change colour. In the end, there will be a board in which you can write your thoughts on bullying or if you have been bullied. Our installation will be to show the psycholgical effects of bullying and the struggle one goes through when he/she is bullied.

We had to consider many things for our second idea. We were asked to think of the space will it fit all of the class? Will there be music? Lights? Is the path going to be covered? How will we pin the elastics to the boards? How will we know where to enter and where to exit? We had to come back to our second class during this week with a solid idea.

I contributed during our first class of this week by giving ideas of possible games that we could design. One of the ideas that I suggested was the umbrella game and then we expanded on it. Another idea was designing a game that is similar to the game traffic rush. There was a scene in the movie where the balloon follows the bus that the boy is in. The game could be the player controlling the balloon and must follow the bus without getting hit by the other cars. However, that would be very complex since non of us have skills or experience in designing a digital game.

In our next class we had to come back with a final idea. We decided to go for the box with the elastics. We sat together again as a group and sketched our installation and wrote down the things we would need and the things to consider.

During our second meeting we mentioned that we will have our installation covered with black cloth from the entrance till the end of the elastics section. The section before the exit will be covered with white cloth. We were thinking to borrow the movable boards that are in our class to make the path. We had a discussion about if the elastics don’t work out. I think it was a good idea to come up with plan b just incase our first plan doesn’t turn out to be successful. We had a look at kids playing areas and talked about a maze. Something that was mentioned was what if all of our class members could go in the path but in two groups. What if they had things hanging from above that they had to push to get through the other side?

We were asked to come back with a final idea and start looking for materials by next week.

Week 12

We came back to class with 20 A4 and another 20 A3. We should’ve experimented more with our paragraph and tried to make something interesting or stand out.  Those are some of the ones that I took to class:

We had a class critique where we gave one of our best and one of our bad ones to someone sitting on my left and another on my right. Many of us still had the problem of making the text size too big and we always notice that after we print. It looks very different on screen. Also, a couple still had centred text.

The comments that I received were about trying to emphasise a word or a sentence. Also, my indentation was still wrong. My classmate told me that I should indent the beginning of both of the paragraphs or just keep a space between them. I can’t have both which I was doing here:

For next class, we had to keep experimenting more and avoid blocks of text. Nearly all of mine at this stage are blocks of text. I tried making it interesting by using indentation and the rule of thirds. However, I did not experiment with enlarging certain words, breaking my paragraph into two sections on the page and also using bold.  We had to bring in 5 A4 and 4 A3. I will try to work with avoiding blocks of text and emphasising certain words.

Examples of blocks of text:

I wasn’t able to attend next class but I managed to still get some feedback which was very helpful. Also, I looked at some magazines and put some notes on things that I found interesting.

I started noticing what was mentioned in class when I was having a look at those magazines. Headlines were bold/condensed. All caps were used in titles too. Some had a very short character length and I’m guessing thats to try to fit all the text in one page or try to fit a lot of text. Indent was always used after the first paragraph which I don’t understand why.


The feedback that I received this time was still about the way I indent. The space is too big. I learned that the best way to indent is to have a space which is the same as the width of the letter m. Also, I had way too many boats and I should work more on my character length. However, I began emphasizing certain words by using bold and enlarging them. I will definitely consider the comments I received when working on my final.


The space when I indent is too big.

We will hand in our final at the beginning of next weeks class. We should have one A3 and one A4.